Hi everybody,

In the spirit of the request at the end of the Dublin meeting, David and I
have written a draft which describes a very simple EDNS PING option.

An "EDNS PING" is an EDNS option with an opaque payload, which the remote
server appends to the RRsets in a response.

Please find further details on:

This draft aims to standardise the very bare semantics of EDNS PING, leaving
out everything that is not strictly required to implement this EDNS option.

This basically means that how people will *use* such PINGs is entirely up to
them, but may be the subject of a followup draft.

Paul Vixie generalised what needs to be done: add enough bits of entropy to
resist spoofing, withoug specifying how such bits might be gained.

dns-0x20, EDNS PING, fall back to TCP and repeating queries are all ways to
gain bits, and might be used to meet the requirements of such a 'minimum
entropy required' document.

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