Andrey G. Sergeev (AKA Andris) wrote on 17 Aug 2008 20:25:
> > I am curious because I have 3 secondary servers about to be used, 2
> > in the U.S and 1 in the UK, along with the primary NS located here in
> > my country, on a small (64k) ISDN line, which can be very congested
> > at numerous times 24/7 due to the nature of the business. So, would
> > it be more beneficial to have one of the international NS's act as
> > primary? If it matters, there is about as much local as international
> > traffic connections here, so choosing one ofver another for "best
> > usage" would not really matter.

> Assuming that all of your 3 secondaries have a good Internet
> connectivity, I suggest you to establish a so-called "an unpublished
> primary" scheme. The necessary steps are:
> 1. Remove your master server from the NS records in your zone file;
> 2. Choose one of your slave servers and put its host name in the SOA
> record replacing the master server name;

Why should this be done (step 2)?

> 3. Run the zone update process and wait for the new zone version to be
> propagated to all of the slaves;
> 4. Update the list of the name servers in the parent zone by editing it
> at your domain registrar control panel (you need to remove the old master).

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