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Sun, 17 Aug 2008 15:04:01 +1000 VK wrote:


> I am curious because I have 3 secondary servers about to be used, 2
> in the U.S and 1 in the UK, along with the primary NS located here in
> my country, on a small (64k) ISDN line, which can be very congested
> at numerous times 24/7 due to the nature of the business. So, would
> it be more beneficial to have one of the international NS's act as
> primary? If it matters, there is about as much local as international
> traffic connections here, so choosing one ofver another for "best
> usage" would not really matter.

Assuming that all of your 3 secondaries have a good Internet
connectivity, I suggest you to establish a so-called "an unpublished
primary" scheme. The necessary steps are:
1. Remove your master server from the NS records in your zone file;
2. Choose one of your slave servers and put its host name in the SOA
record replacing the master server name;
3. Run the zone update process and wait for the new zone version to be
propagated to all of the slaves;
4. Update the list of the name servers in the parent zone by editing it
at your domain registrar control panel (you need to remove the old master).

After the updates described above you will be still in full control over
your zone and your ISDN connection will be freed from the incoming DNS


Yours sincerely,

Andrey G. Sergeev (AKA Andris) http://www.andris.name/