>>>>> On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 12:20:23 +0200,
>>>>> Marco Schumann said:

> here the backtrace:

Hmm...this trace doesn't really make sense. For example,

> #4 0xb7e4c918 in cache_zonecut_callback (node=0x0, name=0x0, arg=0x0)
> at rbtdb.c:2964
> #5 0xb7e55367 in free_rbtdb (rbtdb=0x0, log=3086031024, event=0x3b7) at
> rbtdb.c:609

this should mean line 609 of rbtdb.c calls cache_zonecut_callback(),
but it actually doesn't. Are you sure that the core file and name
executable binary matched?

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