On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 10:11 AM, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> FC2 is really old so I don't know that anyone would have compiled
> anything newer for it. Certainly not the Fedora main repositories.
> You might want to see if Dag Weirs' site has it.
> You'll probably have to download source and compile your own.
> I'd recommend planning for installing something a lot newer than FC2 if
> you're really concerned about security. When I first got here we had
> DNS on RH 7.3 (even older than FC2). I was able to reload the slave
> server with a newer Linux then do the primary later.
> You also probably shouldn't use Fedora for a Production DNS - Fedora is
> bleeding edge so it rolls out new versions and discards old ones on a
> fairly aggressive time frame. If you don't want to pay for RedHat
> (RHEL) then you can install CentOS which is compiled from the RHEL
> sources.
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> Subject: How to patch Fedora Core 2 Bind RPM?
> I have a Fedora Core 2 box that is running BIND 9.2.3-13 and I want to
> update to the latest patch due to the DNS issue. How can I upgrade my
> install? Is there an RPM that is independent of the Fedora OS?
> Or is it possible to compile and use the patch installed from source
> overtop
> my RPM?
> Any help would be great.
> Thanks.
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I actually have CentOS installed for another application and that is a good
suggestion. I am looking for a short term fix for now and plan on installing
new hardware in the next couple of weeks. BTW this is not an externally
available DNS it is an internal caching DNS but it does contact the root
servers. I am running random transaction id's so it's 1/2 ok but still 1/2