Chris Buxton wrote:
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> You didn't say what operating system you're using, so I'll assume it's
> something Unix-ish.
> Try this command on your target system:
> /path/to/named -v
> Does it give you a BIND version or does it give an error? If it gives
> you the BIND version, try this:
> /path/to/named -c /dev/null -g
> Do you see it starting up without errors? If so, you can stop it with
> control-c. That indicates that the binary is working correctly.
> If it stops on its own with an error, what is the error?
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> On Aug 11, 2008, at 7:23 AM, Vidya Devi SS wrote:
>> Hiiii all,
>> I am porting DNS server onto the target board,i used bind-9.5.0-p1 and
>> after cross compilin to arm,i got the named deamon and other tools like
>> dig,host and nslookup etc
>> i copied the named.conf and resolve.conf from my host PC,to the root
>> filesystem of the board(/etc)....
>> so when i ported "named daemon" to the target board,its is not showing
>> any error
>> but when i give ps (process status) command in the minicom ,its not
>> showing any entries regarding dns,,,,,,,,
>> so i am not able to find out whether i need to modify .conf
>> files(named.conf and resolv.conf) and whether there is any problem with
>> the bind compilation
>> pls help
>> Thanks in advance
>> Vidya

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In my host PC linux kernel is running and in my target board
linux kernel..

In minicom i tried named -v
it gave the version of the bind i.e 9.5.0.p1 and after this i tried
"named -c /dev/null -g ",

01-Jan-1970 05:31:07.363 starting BIND 9.5.0-P1 -c /dev/null -g
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.283 loading configuration from '/dev/null'
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.300 no IPv6 interfaces found
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.304 listening on IPv4 interface lo,
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.312 listening on IPv4 interface eth0,
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.344 default max-cache-size (33554432) applies
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.357 automatic empty zone: 0.IN-ADDR.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.361 automatic empty zone: 127.IN-ADDR.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.363 automatic empty zone: 254.169.IN-ADDR.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.366 automatic empty zone: 2.0.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.368 automatic empty zone:
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.371 automatic empty zone:
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.374 automatic empty zone:
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.377 automatic empty zone: D.F.IP6.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.379 automatic empty zone: 8.E.F.IP6.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.382 automatic empty zone: 9.E.F.IP6.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.384 automatic empty zone: A.E.F.IP6.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.387 automatic empty zone: B.E.F.IP6.ARPA
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.469 default max-cache-size (33554432) applies: view _bd
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.563 none:0: open: /opt/TRIAL1/etc/rndc.key: file not fd
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.564 couldn't add command channel file nd
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.566 no source of entropy found
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.567 ignoring config file logging statement due to -g on
01-Jan-1970 05:31:08.732 running

Following things were displayed in the minicom,

so is the binary is working properly????

when i tried dig command


# dig

; <<>> DiG 9.5.0-P1 <<>>
;; global options: printcmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

it showed the following error,i have connected my board to LAN,so wt
might be the problem,should i need to modify .conf files(named.conf or

Thanks in advance