On Wednesday 06 August 2008 00:38, atomic@people.net.au wrote:

> I tested it earlier by incrementing the serial number of a test zone in
> the primary, then reload the primary and the secondary (both running
> BIND 8.4.6). The secondary didn't update the zone until 10-15 minutes
> later and it's unclear if the delay is a constant. That's why I want to
> force a refresh immediately instead of waiting "indefinitely".

I remember seeing this behavior with the 9.x versions of Bind when trying some
different ideas. How many master or servers do you have configured that are
allowed to update the zone file? When I had more then one I seen this. Bind
would wait about 10 minutes fro the first one in the list to send the new
zone file. When this didn't happen it accepted the zone file from the other



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