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Vinny Abello wrote:

> > ================================================== =====================
> > - create a symbolic link from "/etc/malloc.conf" to "X":
> > # ln -s X /etc/malloc.conf

> What exactly is this trying to accomplish here? JFYI, I don't have a file /etc/malloc.conf on my server. Did you mean /etc/make.conf? Where is X being referenced?

/etc/malloc.conf normally doesn't exist. You should create a new
symbolic link. For other details, see malloc(3).

> > - start named with a moderate limitation of virtual memory size, e.g.
> > # /usr/bin/limits -v 384m $path_to_named/named
> >
> > Then the named process will eventually abort itself with a core dump
> > due to malloc failure. Please show us the stack trace at that point.
> > Hopefully it will reveal the malloc call that keeps consuming memory.

> How would I show the trace that you require once this happens?

named will die with a core file. Then perform the following:

# gdb
(gdb) thread apply all bt full

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