Vidya Devi SS wrote:
> I am using bind-9.2.0rc7, and cross compiling 2 arm-linux.

DO NOT DO THIS. Please use BIND 9.3.5-P2, 9.4.2-P2 or 9.5.0-P2. If you
port the old code, especially for embedded work as you appear to be, you
are introducing problems that you can't fix, and that will be around for
years to come.

> After configuring and make,make install ,it is able to generate "named"
> deamon and other supported executables like dig,host etc..,but it didn't
> generate named.conf file in the path which i have specified using
> (--prefix while configuring)

ISC does not create configuration files for you. There is too much of a
risk created by auto-generating configuration files for named.

> When i try to port the named daemon on to the target board,it is giving
> error like(in minicom)
> "error while loading dynamic libraries : ........"

Something is wrong in your build and/or target environment.