At Wed, 6 Aug 2008 16:38:43 +0800,
"Elias" wrote:

> I'm not sure if this is how we check for the number of sockets
> opened, but I'm seing over 4000. The number of recursive clients
> will also increase when using the P2 release (it was between 700-900
> when running 9.5.1b1).

Hmm, these are not a direct evidence, but it seems the server really
has a very many number of open UDP sockets. I don't think it matters
much, but just in case, is there any change if you build named
with/without threads (and with FD_SETSIZE=4096)?

I'd like to know some other information that may matter:
- How many queries per second is that server normally accepting?
- What's the normal cache hit rate (you can identify it via rndc stats

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