Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Thanks for the overflowing suggestions and replies.
>> I tested it earlier by incrementing the serial number of a test zone in
>> the primary, then reload the primary and the secondary (both running
>> BIND 8.4.6). The secondary didn't update the zone until 10-15 minutes
>> later and it's unclear if the delay is a constant. That's why I want to
>> force a refresh immediately instead of waiting "indefinitely".

> Remember the file will not necessarially be written
> immediately. You need to query the nameserver to determine
> if the zone has updated.
> Mark

I queried the secondary name server for a minute or so but nothing
changed. So I setup a schedule to query it every 5 minutes, I looked at
the redirected output an hour later it shows update took place some time
between 10 to 15 minutes.