JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
> If so, and if servers always return SERVFAILs to any query, it may
> indicate a different type of problem than merely exhausting file
> descriptors. If you also serve an authoritative zone in that server,
> you may want to check whether queries for names in the authoritative
> zone are responded.

When the servfail errors occur, I want to *think* that we are able to
still resolve names for our authoritative zone. However - I will need to
test this again to be sure though. When the servfail errors happen - we
definitely cannot resolve queries for names we are not authoritative for.

Also, when this happens, I notice that the output from "lsof | grep
named | wc -l" jumps from around 40 to ~1000. Do you believe this is
related to the errors - or just a coincidence that this number rises
when we are having problems resolving external names?

> You may also want to check whether the server
> returns a query for "version.bind TXT CH" (after configuring the
> server to respond to it).

What would this tell or buy me? Currently, the version is removed from
our named.conf file.