nakoes wrote:
> Hi, all
> I want to add a ns record for a domain like, How
> could i do?
> Can anyone help me?

How do you currently add other types of records, e.g. A records, CNAME
records, PTR records, etc.? If it's a low-level mechanism like editing
zone files, then you should be able to use the same mechanism for adding
an NS record. If it's a high-level mechanism like a web front-end to DNS
maintenance, then the tool may not even allow you to create NS records,
and, if that is the case, and if it's a conscious design decision by
whatever provider created the interface for you to use, frankly, I'd
question whether you are experienced enough to know whether and why an
NS record is called for or not called for in your particular situation.
Usually such limited interfaces are given to novices (or those who are
relative novices).

Maybe it would be good if you could back up a step and explain what it
is you're trying to achieve, and how and why you came to the conclusion
that adding an NS record is the way to achieve it.

- Kevin