> A double memput() or the wrong size has been passed to memput()
> at some point. The later is usually sizeof(foo) vs sizeof(*foo).
> Each time a memget() is made stats[size].gets is incremented.
> Each time a memput() is made stats[size].gets is decremented.
> Before it is decremented it is tested to make sure it is not
> zero. This test fails.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the response.

What you're saying makes sense. However, I have no idea where to even
start looking/debugging though. The application hasn't changed (and it
ostensibly works flawlessly - and has so for the last few years - on other
machines), and I get this error apparently even before I make any calls to
libbind functions.

The other machines are using slackware. Perhaps they have been silently
failing, and debian is being more vocal about the failure?