Hi: I just upgraded from 9.2.3 to 9.5.0-P1. This NS happens to be in a colo
facility, with only 6-7 web and mailservers NAT'd in it's local subnet. I
have a view "internal" for these servers so they can "find" each other using
their 192.168.1/24 addresses.

I have ACLs set up for my local subnet and the "rest of world" as follows:

acl "localsubnet" {192.168.1/24; 127.8; };

view "internal" {
match-clients { "localsubnet"; };
recursion yes;
view "external" {
match-clients {any; };
recursion no;

do I need to explicitly add an allow-query-cache statement to the internal
view? Does it matter if local clients have access to the cache? There's only
a 6-7 servers, but they may request RRs with some frequency.

Do I need any allow-query statements or can I just let BIND default to what
it wants to do?