Having read Kaminsky's pages and many other references, and seeing a LOT
of talk here about 9.5.0-Px, I have a (possibly silly) question
I updated my Ubunty Feisty servers to 9.3.4-P1, this being the update
that was offered in the Ubuntu Feisty repository. Prior to doing so,
Doxpara and OARC reported my servers as "POOR". After doing so, both
reliably report my server as "GOOD". I thought I saw a "GREAT" once, but
many, many attempts have not repeated that, so I may be mistaken on

Anyway, my question: Is this enough? Or do I have to upgrade (manually)
to 9.5.0-Pn? I am talking only about dealing with the Kaminsky
vulnerability here, not about any other great reasons there may be for

Regards, K.

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