JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
> At Sat, 02 Aug 2008 03:06:02 -0500,
> Walter wrote:
>> I downloaded P2 tonight and did what was suggested in the CHANGES file.
>> Here is my configure statement:
>> --prefix=/usr/local/bind-9.5.0-P2 --sysconfdir=/var/named
>> It seemed to build and run fine for about an hour. I was running "lsof
>> | grep named | wc -l" every five seconds. For the first hour, lsof
>> returned values anywhere from 40 to 90, but then it climbed to right at
>> 1000 and named stopped resolving names. The daemon never stopped
>> running, but resolution totally failed.

> Could you be more specific about 'resolution totally failed'? Is it
> returning SERVFAILs errors to any queries? Is it (seemingly) ignoring
> queries? What if the query should hit the cache? Does rndc work? If
> so, what's the output of rndc status?
> ---
> JINMEI, Tatuya
> Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

Yes, it was returning SERVFAIL errors to queries. No, it didn't appear
that it was ignoring queries - just giving the SERVFAILs. It didn't
matter if I queried for a name that was already cached. I didn't think
to try running rndc status, I guess will do that this evening.