>> I did an rndc reload and didn't see any errors in syslog...but it seems
>> like
>> 9.2.3 is still running...how do I get 9.5.0-P1 to run now that I've
>> installed it?

> rndc reload doesn't stop and start named.
> rndc halt will stop existing.
> Then start named using the full path where you just installed it too (like
> /usr/local/sbin/named).
> Be sure to read the ARM and doc/misc/migration about allow-query changes.

OK, I got it running. In terms of allow-query changes, in my current config
file, I have ACLs set up for my local subnet and the "rest of world" as

acl "localsubnet" {192.168.1/24; 127.8; };

view "internal" {
match-clients { "localsubnet"; };
recursion yes;
view "external" {
match-clients {any; };
recursion no;

Do I need to explicitly add anything else to those views to protect BIND?