On 01-Aug-2008, at 09:43 , Alex Sharaz wrote:

> One of our users is having problems with 2 out of 3 web servers he's
> trying
> to get to - our squid cash claims that it can't resolve the addresses.

> Any idea how i might resolve this?
> alex

It's hard to piece together what exactly you've tried from this email,
so please forgive me if you've already done the things below.

Okay, so you're debugging from the point of view of the squid proxy.

On that server, what address(es) are in the resolv.conf file? Is it
just the serveriron?

Testing against the address(es) in your resolv.conf, what happens if
you use dig to try and do the same lookups? That should give you an
idea where to start looking.

% dig IN ANY training.in-tend.co.uk @

Assuming the address above is the serveriron, does your network
configuration allow you to go around it and try to do lookups against
the 3 name servers directly? Use the dig statement above. If that
succeeds for all three then you know the problem is with the
serveriron config, and you should talk to Foundry. If it fails for
any, then it's likely a problem with your named.conf, and you'll need
to debug that.

Hope this helps a bit..