> > A Friday? EEEK... I've never willingly cut something into
> > production between Friday morning and Monday nite.

> Sorry about that. It takes a few days to go through the internal testing
> process, then BIND Forum members get to bang on it, and then it goes to the
> public one business day after that. The end of the week was really the
> earliest we could manage it.
> (Note, if you'd be interested in joining BIND Forum, we'd love to have
> you--http://www.isc.org/sw/guild/bf/)


I'm sure ISC took great care and wouldn't release it sooner than
it was ready as well as any later than it was ready just because it was
a weekend. Notice I said "willingly". Its not to say I haven't done
more than my share of "We gotta do it, and if it means I end up taking
Monday/Tuesday off instead of Saturday/Sunday, so be it" cuts.

I'll probably go to P2 over the weekend anyway, even though for
us P1 is doing fine.

Hopefully I haven't stopped anyone else from making the decision
to go to it.