Bruce Esquibel napisal(a):
> Yeah but I think you got it working, I screwed this up myself (not looking
> at the documentation), did you add this into the named.conf file?
> allow-recursion {;;; };

I even added: allow-recursion { any; }; allow-query { any; }; allow-query-cache { any; };
and it still didn't work. When the query is not allowed named writes it to
the log, so it's easy to identify (without these "allow" statements I got
lot of "query denied" lines in the log). With the "allow" statements
present, there is nothing in the log and it sinply doesn't work. I think
it's a code problem.
Anyway, I don't want to fight with this anymore. I already configured a
forwarder, so the problem is solved for now, until the machine is replaced.
Jaroslaw Rafa
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