Bruce Esquibel napisal(a):
> I think Solaris 2.5.1 didn't support multiple addresses on an interface
> (again could be wrong) so the "already bound" message makes sense.

It's not that problem, the "already bound" message usually indicates that a
program is trying to listen on a port that is already being used. It has
nothing to do with multiple addresses on an interface, which *are* supported
under 2.5.1 (if they weren't, it would be impossible to run the test suite
in the first place).

But actually, there seems to be some big incompatibility between my system
and the way the new BIND handles network connections and sockets. Following
your advice, I tried to run the executable that was built. named starts,
loads the master zones, responds to queries that refer to these zones, but
when there is a query for an external address, where the nameserver has to
fetch data from outside, the response to the client is SERVFAIL. Looks like
the server is unable to get data from other servers. It's a big problem that
makes the server completely unusable. Perhaps the other face of the same
problem is that although the server listens on the control port 935, I
cannot communicate with it via rndc - rndc says that it connects to and sends the query, but gets no response and times out.

I also tried to use the ready binary package of bind-9.5.0p1, which is
available on It has a lot of dependencies, so I had to
download and install many libraries, but after finishing this tedious task
the nameserver from the package behaves exactly like mine - SERVFAIL on
non-authoritative queries, no communication via rndc.

I give up. It seems that I am unable to run the recent BIND version on this
machine, so I'll fall back to using a forwarder (more in a separate topic).
Jaroslaw Rafa
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