JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
> I've written a small test tool to check if a given system (+
> operational environment) can support a given (normally large) number
> of sockets and whether and how the select() system call/function can
> support the given number of sockets. It might be a useful check tool
> for those who are currently suffering from 'too many files' kind of
> problems with the P1 versions but cannot move to a beta and plan to
> try and deploy P2.
> The test tool is available at
> http://www.jinmei.org/selecttest.tgz

Here are the results from one of our linux servers:

# ./selecttest
selecttest: nsocks = 4093, TEST_FDSETSIZE = -1, FD_SETSIZE = 1024,
sizeof fd_set = 128
created 4093 sockets, maxfd = 4095
FD_CLR test...OK
FD_SET test...OK
select test...OK

Based on the above, why do I get the "too many open file descriptors"
error when I run 9.5.0-P1? Help my simple mind understand this. Does
this mean that P2 will run as expected on this machine or will it give
"too many open file descriptors" error also?