On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 11:06:08AM +0100, Ray.Bellis@nominet.org.uk wrote:
> > I'm surprised no one mentioned IPv6 since we're on this soap box.

> That would be nice, but AFAIK my own test environment (which uses rp-pppoe
> and pppd as a DSL BRAS) isn't capable of doing IPv6.

some folks have a hard time seeing boxen of that ilk as being
routers. stripped down NAT, sure.

> Ray

so as long as you and your US researcher are clear that you are looking
at "settop boxes" ... then I have no problems.

but if you start building a punchlist of desired characteristics that
are missing, then you'll be getting any number of feature requests.
if one is after EDNS0 support, then dealing w/ UDP fragmentation will
be an issue -unless- the device in question can handle 4k UDP frames.

"rewriting" DNS queries will muck w/ DNSSEC signed data.

etc.etc. good luck.


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