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> Chris Uppal wrote:
>> dxuranus wrote:
>> > i have a public hostname "a" (not my machine name)on internet and
>> > my ip is xx.xx.xx.xx;
>> > the problem is other people can get my ip through hostname.but
>> > if he try to get my hostname through ip he always failed.

>> Sounds as if something's screwy with reverse DNS lookup. That
>> /might/ be an error, or more likely is just a result of how your
>> ISP/'DNS/etc works. This isn't really Java-related at all. Talk to
>> whoever provides your DNS entry (whoever it is that provides the
>> lookup from the domain name, xxx.yyy.zzz, to your numeric IP
>> address -- which is probably whoever you paid to register your
>> domain name).
>> -- chris

> ye that's right it's about dns reverse.i think it can be done by
> program (because qmail can)
> .but i do't know how?

You need to:

1. find out what entity handles reverse-DNS for your IP address.
Normally this would be your Internet Service Provider, but can be
determined conclusively with the command:

dig -x NS

2. contact this entity and request that they modify their reverse-DNS
data to return the host name that you desire.

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