I'm having a strange problem with 9.5.0-P1. We upgraded from 9.2.3 last
week. Since then we have had problems with resolution of some domains
and not others. For example, we can't get resolution from the root name
servers for Microsoft.com, yahoo.com, msnbc.com, hotmail.com. We can
get it for dell.com, hp.com, cisco.com, novell.com and most others. We
put a sniffer on the wire going out to the internet and the queries were
going out but nothing was coming back for those domains. We then
reverted back to 9.2.3 and all is working well again. We are using the
same conf and zone files. Nothing has changed. We have updated our
db.root file, but that has not helped. Any ideas. This is compiled and
running on Solaris 9.


Ken Reeves