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> You can use zone forwarding

....for some definition of forwarding.

If you have a "properly" constructed zone file that uses BIND's
capability to append the current origin to a host name, a single zone
file can be used to populate both the eye4you.com.au and
eye4you.com.nz zones. The "official", if you will, fully-qualified
domain name of the host will be whatever is defined in the IN-
ADDR.ARPA zone file.

Unfortunately or unfortunately, as the case may be, my organisation
has been acquired by increasingly larger companies over the last 25
years. We have been using this technique to provide a graceful
transition from one domain to the next for nearly as long.

The only catch is that the name usage must be identical in each zone.

Merton Campbell Crockett

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>> Hi All,
>> I want to be able to forward any request coming in to my DNS server
>> asking for eye4you.co.nz to go to eye4you.com.au, is there any way I
>> can do this via BIND? What would be the best way to do this?

> Just give them both the same A and MX records.
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