On Mar 12 2008, I wrote on the bind-users mailing list:

>It's been drawn to our attention that there are still many references
>around the web to [an obsolete URL that no longer works].
>Makezones is a Perl program written by Philip Hazel (best known,
>perhaps, as the author of Exim) in 1993, that generates mutually
>consistent forward and reverse zone files from a common source.
>At one time it was included as a contributed program in the BIND
>distribution. It even gets a mention in RFC 2072 ...
>Philip retired last year, and tells me he no longer has any interest
>its future (if any). For the purposes of maintaining the main DNS
>zones in Cambridge, makezones developed weird and wonderful local
>mods and is now used only in a vestigial way. The last "public"
>version was 0.33 (October 2000, and yes, this does include the Y2K
>fixes to the serial number maintenance!) and this what was available
>at the above URL until recently.
>If anyone is still seriously interested in it, we don't want to deny
>them access to it. On the other hand, there is no serious chance of
>anyone here enhancing it, fixing bugs, or offering advice on it. We
>have thought of making it available marked as "historical, frozen,
>unsupported software", but I thought I would test the temperature
>here first.

There seemed to be enough interest to continue making it available,
but no-one else has volunteered it a place on their servers, so I
have made it available at


where it may continue to exist for a few more years, at least.

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1@cam.ac.uk