On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 11:44 +0200, Volker Lieder wrote:
> Hello list,
> as many people we updated to bind xxx-P1
> On our linux-debianserver we have the problem that we recieve messages
> in named.log like
> 30-Jul-2008 11:42:59.105 socket: too many open file descriptors
> We checked the FD_SETSIZE-Param, its about 1024.
> ulimit -n is set to 16384.
> Has anybody an idea how to increase the FD_SETSIZE on debian
> or how to handle more than 1024 sockets for bind?

Setting ulimit -n in the shell that spawns bind should be
enough, you can verify whether or not you managed to increase
the limit by taking a look at /proc//limits.

Also check out http://marc.info/?t=121719517400005 for
a whole thread on what's probably the same issue, with
notes on how to make the limits setting more permanent.