> We are currently using a Bind 4 DNS server .
> This server is master for a number of internal zones .
> For a newly added zone this DNS server was configured as secondary
> (added in named.boot) for a windows 2003 system. Upon launching the
> zonetransfert , the TCP session starts and zone transfert initiates .
> However after exchanging some initial data the tranfert is stopped .
> The BIND servers gives a reset back to windows system and tranfert
> closes .
> When we did this with the first window server , error messages "format
> error" appeared in the traces through ethereal.
> Upon this we initiated the zone tranfert from the BIND server to
> another windows domain controller and experienced the same behaviour .
> (but in the traces we no longer see the "format error")
> Does anybody has a suggestion on what could be wrong ?

You mean apart from using BIND 4 which reached end-of-life
9 years ago (June 1997)?

Seriously there is no where near enough data to hazard a guess
as to what went wrong.

I would upgrade to BIND 9. There are conversion tools to
covert named.boot into named.conf. The master files should
just be usable unless you were not follow correct practices.
Run named-checkzone on them first and correct any errors

See doc/misc/migration-4to9 and doc/misc/migration.
See contrib/named-bootconf/named-bootconf.sh.

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