On Jul 21 2006, Mark Andrews wrote:

>> I have a strong hunch that the problem is related to IPv4/v6 address
>> resolution via getaddrinfo() as described in section 3 of this document:
>> http://www.v6fix.net/docs/wide-draft-v6fix.en

> Not in this case. This case is a simple broken delegation.
> DNS1.ARELLINC.COM and DNS2.ARELLINC.COM only exist as glue
> records. When you query these servers for their A or AAAA
> records they claim they do not exist.
> You need to contact the administrators of ARELLINC.COM and
> get them to fix there broken configutation by adding the
> A records for DNS1.ARELLINC.COM and DNS2.ARELLINC.COM to
> the ARELLINC.COM zone.

More specifically, to sort out their problems with failing to terminate
fully-qualied names with "." !

$ dig soa arellinc.com. @ (or .243, same results)

;arellinc.com. IN SOA

arellinc.com. 14440 IN SOA dns1.arellinc.com.arellinc.com. cpanel.amln.net. 2006030402 86400 7200 3600000 86400

arellinc.com. 14400 IN NS dns2.arellinc.com.arellinc.com.
arellinc.com. 14400 IN NS dns1.arellinc.com.arellinc.com.

dns1.arellinc.com.arellinc.com. 14400 IN A
dns2.arellinc.com.arellinc.com. 14400 IN A

and indeed one can look up dns{1,2}.arellinc.com.arellinc.com. (sic)
successfully. :-)

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1@cam.ac.uk