Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is a bind or dhcpd question, but I'll start here...
> I am running a small domain on bind8/FreeBSD 4.11. This includes running
> the isc dhcpd service. I want to configure things so that when a
> machine is issued an address by dhcp, a correct reverse is established
> for that machine. Say I plug in a machine named 'foo' and dhcpd gives
> it an IP of What I want is for the reverse of
> to return foo.mydomain.com.
> I'm just looking for a pointer to some resources here, not a step by step
> explanation...

This requires setting up the DHCP server to send Dynamic Updates to the
DNS server, which then needs to be configured to accept them. It's
_mostly_ a DHCP server topic, so I'd ask first on a DHCP list. Come back
here if you have any trouble configuring the DNS server side.

- Kevin