If you are trying to have a subdomain resolve to an IP address, you
could add the following to the zone file (assuming that
you are authoritative for the zone): IN A

I hope this helps,

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Thanks David:

I'm not worried about resolution of further subdomains below My problem is that I am worried about other A records
records of other types) in the domain. For example, I want
override a single A record but I still want the A
for say, to resolve through normal channels from the
authoritive DNS server.


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>> I need to know how to place a record for into my DNS
>> servers without breaking the lookups for all other records in that
>> domain and any subdomains.

> Configure your server such that is a domain, with a

> A record
> for the domain name. If you need to point back to

> original servers you've got a harder problem. You could put NS

records in
> for known subdomains, but that doesn't guarantee everything will work.

> might be possible to solve that with a wildcard NS record, if thats

> legal....
> It should be obvious that this is a hack, but its about the best you

> do
> without a transparent proxy of some form, which wouldn't be solving it

> DNS.
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