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> Is there a "HowTo" somewhere that can help me easily create a bind
> "Cluster" (for want of a better word.)
> i.e. Make a change on ns1 and the change will also reflect on ns2...

You just need a simple master/slave bind setup.

A good online resource is the DNS guide, available at

In particular, check out the sample configurations in chapter 6:

If you want to go beyond a simple bind setup you may want to look into
tools for maintaining your bind configuration and zones. There are lots to
choose from, try searching the archives of this list. (I'm the primary
maintainer of Carnegie Mellon's NetReg, which is one of many systems in
this space. Its designed for fairly large
scale DNS systems, so its probably *not* the right system for you, based on
your description.)

If you want someone more experienced with bind to help you set it up and
maintain it, there are businesses offering that service. (I run one
myself, feel free to contact me off list...)

-David Nolan
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