--On 28 July 2008 11:53:32 -0400 "=C3=93lafur Gu=C3=B0mundsson /DNSEXT =

> The list is supposed to be as complete as possible, if there is anything
> missing feel free to bring it up.

I contribute these for completeness without expressing an opinion
as to their validity or otherwise:

1. There seems a body of opinion on namedroppers that replacing stub
resolvers by full recursive caching resolvers improves forgery

2. Under "Deploy DNSSEC" some commentators have said a long pole in the
tent of deployability is signing the root, hence DLV and DLVPTR
are relevant to the topic in that they could speed deployment of

I think it's a useful list BTW. Another useful list would be to define
the problem space(s) being addressed as there was some debate about that


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