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> "Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET" wrote:
> > People have also said "Well, wait until the news outlets get a
> >hold of this, it'll be bigger than any movie stars baby, any presidential
> >scandal, etc". Well, I've seen it on 2 different news sites, with it
> >giving a "dooms day" feel to it.... And.... Seems its just not getting
> >anyones attention. The ISP I'm on (MAJOR cable co) still hasn't seemed
> >to make the change or done anything about it.
> >
> > I guess someone needs to poison a few large DNS servers and
> >start stealing credit cards and eBay/Paypal/Y!/Gmail id/passes for it
> >to get anyones attention.

> I'm not sure that anybody could have expected anything different.
> I mean hay! Remember the "doomsday" that was supposed to be Y2K?

And lots of software was updated in advance to prevent
problems. If it hadn't been updated lots more systems would
have fallen over.

> And since then, we've had various predictions of an Internet "Pearl
> Harbor"... none of which have actually transpired... yet.
> So now, the sky is falling, yet again. You can't be too awfully
> surprised that some people yawn, roll over, and go back to sleep.
> (I am _not_ saying that that is the proper reaction. I myself am
> scurring around to try to get my own nameservers updated ASAP. I'm
> just saying that its kind of a natural reaction. The network security
> community may have cried "wolf" once too often.)

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