I wasn't providing my entire named.conf - just example - for each range
of IPs I have an entry in named.conf of which I only posted the first.

A single zone file DOES work for multiple ranges because the named.conf
entry indicates from which zone file to query the reverse. You can
have one zone file that has multiple named.conf entries pointing to it.

My point was that I had originally thought I'd broken the first entry
below which is required based on the way AT&T delegates to us because my
dig directly to my server wouldn't understand the delegation syntax.
Adding the second entry you see below resolved that because it is the
syntax dig understood going directly to my host.

You can have different ranges using the first entry syntax (specifying
the range) but still keep it all in a single zone file. Or you can have
two different zone files for that.

My final comment was that the second entry I had made was for the basic
(no range) entry used for the direct dig of my server and because of the
fact it was expecting a certain zone I didn't think you could split it
up. If you don't care about doing direct dig of your server you don't
need it.

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On 28.07.08 09:13, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> I had an issue with using dig to query my reverse lookups so had to
> create separate entries in named.conf like:
> # Special notation required for internet delegation (e.g. dig -x ...)
> #
> zone "192/" {
> type master;
> file "arpa.12.44.84";
> allow-transfer { watercom; };
> allow-query { any; };
> };
> # Standard notation required for direct lookups (e.g. dig @mydnshost

> ...)
> #
> zone "84.44.12.IN-ADDR.ARPA" {
> type master;
> file "arpa.12.44.84";
> allow-transfer { watercom; };
> allow-query { any; };
> };

the same zone file for your /27 and whole /24 ? This way you won't see
reverse names for rest of the /24, which may cause problems to you.

> That is to say for most purposes the first entry worked fine but if I
> specified my host to dig the record from it would complain about
> 84.44.12.in-addr.arpa not found.

it does not exist. Your ISP seems to have your delegation records in the
44.12.in-addr.arpa zone. However 192/ is
to 3 servers, of which 2 exist, of which only one returns answer...

> Notice both records point to the same arpa zone file.

Yes, I have, see my comment above.

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