On 26.07.08 17:50, lucio@sulweb.org wrote:
> I'm trying to configure bind 9.3.4/Debian Etch with a master zone and a
> subdomain in it (I'm following this howto [1]). The master zone is
> example.com and its subdomain is tx.example.com (I obviously used a real
> domain of mine instead of example.com, but I prefer not reporting the real
> name because I'm not sure about the security of nstx).

> Bind9 is listening on the interface x.y.z.47 and nstxd is listening (udp
> only) on the interface x.y.z.48.
> If I query nstxd directly I get what seems to be a reasonable reply (for
> that daemon at least):
> # dig @x.y.z.48 whatever.tx.example.com
> [...] NOERROR [...] IN TXT [...]
> So I assume nstxd it's working ok. But if I ask Bind9 who's the nameserver
> for tx.example.com I get a SERVFAIL:
> # dig @x.y.z.47 -t ns tx.example.com
> [...] SERVFAIL [...]
> The same if I dig whatever.tx.example.com using Bind9.

- do you have recursion enabled on BIND?

- doesn't BIND complain when loading example.com?
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