Quoting Thomas Jacob :

> Question: Your initial response regarding not having any problems with
> a TCP queue size set to 1000, did you already have the increase in the
> open file limit in place when you tried this. Or rather, did you
> need to increase both the tcp queue size and the open file limit to get
> to stable situation?

I had already hit the open file limit a long time ago, so I had the
max open files set higher before 9.4.2-P1 even came out. Then when I
had all the problems with TCP queries, that was when I set the
tcp-listen-queue variable. And like I mentioned before, this only
happens on caching resolvers that are doing at least 1000
queries/second, even though I increased the variables across all of
our caches just in case. So out of over 40 caching nameservers, we
only have 2 or 3 that crash, but they do so every day or so.

-- Jason

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