Hi Adam,

I cannot help with the forwarders, but I think the reason you're not
being able to ping "sendoutcards.com" is because it's not defined in
your zone file for this reason: a blank "name" field (the first field of
a record) tells Bind to use the previous record's name again.

So here:

nas1 NS nas1.sendoutcards.com.

www A

what you're telling Bind is that "nas1" has an NS record of
nas1.sendoutcards.com., and an A record of
Try either putting "A" after your MX record, or I believe
you can use a "." to indicate the root of the zone (e.g. ". A")

Hope this helps one of your queries,


Adam Olsen wrote:
> I'm having a bit of trouble with a few things in my configuration. I
> am trying to set up DNS for the sendoutcards.com domain, including
> mail.
> Here is my zone file:
> $TTL 604800
> @ IN SOA ns2.sendoutcards.com. root.sendoutcards.com. (
> 20080532 ; Serial
> 604800 ; Refresh
> 86400 ; Retry
> 2419200 ; Expire
> 604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL
> ;
> MX 10 mail.sendoutcards.com.
> NS ns2.sendoutcards.com.
> nas1 NS nas1.sendoutcards.com.
> A
> www A
> mail A
> swetesoc A
> web4 A
> carl A
> fs2 A
> masterdb A
> slavedb A
> nappy A
> nas1 A
> This is on the secondary dns server. With this setup, I can ping
> mail.sendoutcards.com, www.sendoutcards.com, but not plain
> 'sendoutcards.com'. Also, if I set up a remote machine to use this
> DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf, that machine cannot ping 'google.com'
> (the log on the DNS server says 'query (cache) denied'.
> I tried setting up forwarders {}; in named.conf.options to my ISP
> assigned DNS servers, but if I do that, my zone file seems to get
> ignored entirely.
> I know I'm probably doing this wrong, but there are so many examples
> on the net with so many different formats to use in the zone file.
> Any help here would be appreciated.
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> Adam Olsen
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