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Subject: Re: Journal open failed.
Date: Monday 03 July 2006 13:57
From: Peter Albrecht
To: kalyanasundaram S

Hi Kalyan,

On Thursday 22 June 2006 08:01, you wrote:
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> > Sent: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 12:04:04 +0200
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> > have you tried "rcapparmor stop"?

> yah, thanks a lot , it works very fine..
> so it seems SLES also incorporating SELinux security policy.. right...
> i am googling for apparmor.. and
> i stoped the deamon and tried i was able to update.. again i started the
> apparmor deamon
> i expected that again i will not be able to update. but it was not.. will
> the profiles are not loaded properly while starting the apparmor deamon?.
> just can you give me small explanation what it does..

When using AppArmor, it will only affect processes which are started _after_
AppArmor. So if named was still running, the new AppArmor processes will not
have any effect.

> if i dont want to stop apparmor and want to update ths dns too, in sles what
> should i do? by default the path for dns server is /var/lib/named/ but the
> policy says only can in $ROOTDIR/var/named/slaves

If you don't want to stop AppArmor totally, you can disable the DNS profile.
It's located in


If you move this file to /etc/apparmor/profiles/extras/ and restart AppArmor,
this profile will no longer be active. If you'd like to keep AppArmor active
and want to use nsupdate, you'll have to dig into the AppArmor configuration.



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Peter Albrecht, Novell Training Services,