I've got a SuSE box (SuSE 9) running the default 9.2.3 Bind. I want to
make it play with Time-Warners DNS servers here in Texas (Austin).

Would I make it a Caching server or a Secondary ? Anybody have a .conf
file and Zone file they could share with me to kickstart what I'm trying
to do? Does Time-Warner allow Zone transfers ?

I'm testing some Network Mgmt SW behind my Netgear router here at home.
The Polling engine on the Net Mgmt SW can use DNS and can also report on
named usage thus my experiment and need for a Bind environment.

I don't leave this SuSE box on all the time and thus will leave most of
the clients with the default DHCP derived name servers from Time-Warner.
I'll probably manually configure the Net Mgmt station to use the SuSE
box as one of its (probably the first) nameserver.