On Jun 26 2006, Olaf Lautenschlaeger wrote:

>> my /var/named/master/db.clickonline.net file
>> $TTL 86400
>> @ IN SOA ns.clickonline.net.
>> admin@clickonline.net. (

>The SOA syntax hat to be going slightly different
>than eMail addresses normally do; you need to
>replace the "@" in "admin@..." by a dot (".").
>named-checkzone is your friend. It will load and
>parse your zonefile exactly like named would do
>and complain more or less rigorous about any
>syntax issues.

Good advice, but sadly named-checkzone will not pick up that particular
error, as admin@clickonline.net. for SOA.rname is syntactically valid.
It just doesn't mean what the OP thinks it does, mapping in RFC 282x
terms to "admin@clickonline"@net. (I suppose using -D might give you
a clue when it escapes the "@" in the output.)

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1@cam.ac.uk