> Hello,
> I have a master and a slave that are using views on bind 9.3.1 to seperate my
> domain into an internal and external view. I have removed all of my CNAMEs from
> both internal and external zones but I have an $include statement in my internal
> zone that includes my external zone. I get the error "multiple RRs of singleton
> type" when I have that include statement in my internal zone data file. When I
> comment out the $include the error goes away.
> Is the $include somehow seeing both of the SOAs in both of my zone views or is
> something else happening that would be causing this error.

You should only $INCLUDE the entries that are *common* between the
internal and external versions of your zone. If you're $INCLUDE'ing an
SOA and there's already an SOA in the main zone file, then yeah, your
zone data is illegal and BIND won't load it.

- Kevin