Some Gumby" wrote:

>I'm an admin at Acme Widgets and we have both a Bind 9.2.1 DNS and a
>Windows 2000 server running DNS.
>Are there any preferences or which one should be the the master and
>which should be the slave?
>you can email me at or sgumby@acmewidgets.local

Let the Windows 2000 Server be the master for those zones that will
be subject to dynamic DNS:

1) The AD zones updated by the Domain Controllers
2) The forward and reverse zones updated by a MS DHCP server

Those zones where the dynamic updates follow the MS security model
should be on the MS DNS Server, as those updates should be secure.
Those updates can not be secure on a BIND server, as BIND has not
implemented the MS security model.

Let the BIND be master for the static zones. Have the dynamic zones
slaved on the BIND server. Have your client machines point to the
BIND servers for DNS resolution.

For more information about interoperability between MS W2k DNS and
BIND, see the list archives, where there have been many postings over
the years.

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