Hi Bind folks,

I'm the author of the Internet site http://www.livinginternet.com/ with
input from many of the original creators of the Internet. I was lucky
enough to get the FreeOpenSourceSoftware and FreeLibreOpenSourceSoftware
domains, and have donated them to the FOSS community.

I have set up a wiki at the domains to provide a home for FOSS,
specifically as separate from Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) with
some published code but closed elements for advanced functionality that
potentially leads right back to proprietary lock-in. The link to "FOSS
Philosophy" starts with a quote from Adam Smith (!), and describes the
clear FOSS / COSS separation I believe important to help the FOSS brand
continue to succeed.

I've seeded the Wiki with basic starting information. Feel free to add.
Please spread the word to let others know of the launch!




Bill Stewart
Founder, Eseri.net
p: 613-796-8529