Thanks for this info. I've had a quick look around your website.
Is this open-source, and what are the licensing terms for this

It is our basic BSD License, just like Bind. See

It certainly looks like it will do the job for me.

The idea is that it gives a some more abstraction so you don't have
to deal too much with the low level nitty gritty details. It is not
unlike the PERL:NS tools.

I would have preferred to use the bind libraries, and if anyone
can point out any documentation/pointers in the meantime I'll
gladly give it a whirl.

There are the man pages Mark pointed at but ...

It's safe to say I'm still a novice when it comes to C, which
is why at the moment I prefer to read documentation rather than
already-written code.

.... they might be too dense for you. There are some annotated examples
and there are some on line tutorials.

There is also a user maillists dedicated to ldns