Hi everyone,

Am back to the list... Was subscribed when I was a junior engineer back
in Y2000. :P

Anyway, BIND as a gone a long way since then and I am using the patched
version of 9.2.4 bundled in Linux Redhat. I encountered a fatal error
and below is the capture from named.log:

Jul 08 02:10:23.166 general: critical: rwlock.c:337: fatal error:
Jul 08 02:10:23.166 general: critical:
RUNTIME_CHECK(((pthread_mutex_destroy(((&rwl->lock))) == 0) ? 0 : 34) ==
0) failed
Jul 08 02:10:23.166 general: critical: exiting (due to fatal error in

Couldn't find much info from the release note. Wonder if this is fixed
in the newer version?



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