On Jul 8, 2008, at 2:23 PM, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> MINIMUM = 1 day? (Although it's still called MINIMUM, this field was
> redefined in RFC 2308 to be the negative-caching TTL). This means that
> whenever anyone gets a "no such name" response from your nameservers,
> they won't query the name again for as long as another day. Which
> means
> new names you add to your domains could take up to a day to be
> "visible"
> everywhere. Is that what you really want?

If I'm not mistaken, BIND puts a 3 hour ceiling on this value. That
is, when named returns a negative response, the TTL of the negative
response is set to be no more than 3 hours.

Of course, MS DNS, acting as a resolver, has been known to get
confused and use the real TTL of the SOA record instead.

Chris Buxton
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