Thanks in advance!

The domain is for example
We have only .de DNS the underlying cause of "WARNING".

Do I have some way to avoid the "WARNING"


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> I am not new in the list but that is my first question.
> I'm wondering if I have troble with .com domains.
> Message:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> WARNING. The parent servers (I checked with are not
> providing glue for all your nameservers.
> This means that they are supplying the NS records (,
> but not supplying the A records (,
> which can cause slightly slower connections, and may cause
> incompatibilities with some non-RFC-compliant programs.
> This is perfectly acceptable behavior per the RFCs.
> This will usually occur if your DNS servers are not in the same TLD as
> your domain (for example,
> a DNS server of "" for the domain "").
> In this case, you can speed up the connections slightly by having NS
> records that are in the same TLD as your domain.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Can I ignore this? or what can I do?

I suspect no one can provide more useful advice than the "WARNING"
itself unless you also provide the .com domain name in question.

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